5 successes

  1. Cleaning the floors downstairs.
  2. Getting out in the garden.
  3. Publishing my first blog post.
  4. Enjoying the view from the train. 
  5. Walking Charlie the dog every day last week.     

5 thoughts on “5 successes

  1. Your dog is so cute. I used to have a Cocker Spaniel who was caramel coloured and my best friend. I see you have got another Like for this post from Victoria B. You may want to check out her blog, leave a comment and follow her.


    1. Charlie’s mum was a lab x staffie and his had was a lab x collie so he looks a bit like a young lab which is really handy if he is misbehaving. People said he would calm down after he got to 2 years and now he is almost 7 he is pretty good.


      1. When I lived with my parents years ago, we used to have a golden Labrador Retriever called Sasha. She was extremely placid. She once ate a whole chicken with bones, from the high up breakfast bar. She was a bit ill off that. We were able to see the bones sticking put of her sides, but after a few days she was okay again.


      2. Charlie’s most outrageous digestive problem was when he was bored one evening and decided to try some “recreational” drugs. My work bag was unzipped so he removed a box of Neurofen, opened the box and popped all the lovely sugar coated tablets out of their blister pack. I couldn’t say how many there had been left, between 2 and 6. He then went upstairs and found a pot of antibiotics, popped the lid off and bit into one of the last two capsules. Unlike the Neurofen they obviously tasted nasty so the capsule was discarded. It would have been better if we’d whipped him off to the vets for immediate charcoal porridge but by the time I realized what he’d done it was too late. Neurofen is not good for dogs and he was drinking and peeing for England for easily 2 weeks but he/we were lucky it wasn’t worse. He hasn’t learnt anything from this but we have learnt to be more careful…


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