Start of a new week

Who would have thought that looking forward to a session on learning to blog could lift your mood so much, even when that means being up at 7am on a Monday morning.

Initially skeptical, I’ve had some really positive experiences engaging with the Devon Recovery Learning Community opportunities. “Blogging as a means of recovery” has been great, we are on week 3 of 4. Working with a tutor with lived experience of long-term health conditions is great and the enthusiasm is really infectious.

Got a Gravatar now – created him on the train this morning!


Loads to learn and some of it putting me on the edge of my comfort zone, e.g. learning to add links. Hoping to publish something today rather than saving to drafts…


4 thoughts on “Start of a new week

  1. Hi, wow! Thank you for the positive feedback about our classes, I am blown away by your amazing comments. I am thrilled that my blog classes lift your mood so much, You are a fantastic student and I really appreciate you getting up at 7am, that’s super awesome. It’s nice that you find my enthusiasm infectious. I think it always helps if you have a lively tutor. I have had experience of both lively tutors and tutors that used the same dull tone throughout most of their ‘presentation’ – These were the ones I remembered for the wrong reasons – How boring they were!! Which then made the subject matter hard to digest. Keep up the great work you are doing with your blog. I adore your header and “Bringing an attitude of curiosity to life” – is a powerful and attractive statement. It entices me in, to read more. I am following you and looking forward to your up and coming posts.

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    1. Still loving our blogging! Amazing how helpful this has been. Going to miss this next week, well after I’ve enjoyed a lie in.
      Our Uni course wants us to embrace social media, providing we never are never negative about our course, the Uni, our placements etc. I feel like I have grasped the fundamentals of blogging and wish I could say the same about Twitter and Facebook.

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      1. Hi Chris, I love the bit about after your lie in. I hope you will continue to love blogging for many you years to come. Besides teaching Facebook and Twitter privately for my own company, I am teaching Facebook for RLC next term on Mon 1st and 8th of June. I am currently trying to source a new venue. I have made a provisional booking with one place, but have wait to see if we can hire more laptops from elsewhere. For RLC it is starting Facebook from scratch and aimed at recovery. Privately, it is tailored made like the one-to-one Twitter tuition. I hope you are having a great week away. I am currently on a train to Birmingham New Street from Nuneaton and will changed there to go back to Exeter. I will be in touch next week.

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  2. Hi,

    I did get my lie in last Monday. Still loving the blogging. Lots I want to write but too much to say not enough time to say it all. I need to follow up all the comments and likes before i do some new posts.

    I’ve booked myself in for some good stuff through DRLC, inspired by experiences with blogging. One of the things my GP said recently was “it is not just about what you are doing [to get better], it is about how you are feeling”. The blogging was so uplifting that it really did help me to feel better.

    Looking forward to my Twitter training : )


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