Making my first patchwork cushion for our community sewing project

The plan was to make some seat pads for the utilitarian plastic school chairs in the parish rooms, in the hopes of making them warmer and a little more comfortable to sit on.

Last time I made any patchwork was over 30 years ago and was hand stitched around little paper templates. I opted for 3″ squares with 1/2″ seam allowance – eventually I graduated to 4″ squares and the “proper” 1/4″ seam allowance.


Planning stage

imageCamphor (the ginger ninja) felt he needed to help with this stage but when I didn’t listen to him he gave up and went to do something more interesting. Several days later the finished article! Struggling a bit with being a perfectionist I was a bit sad about my wonky corners but once it is in the dip of the chair you really don’t notice. I loved the way that the whole thing came to life once I started quilting and the springy texture is really tactile. For the technically minded the wadding is 3 layers of 2oz polyester. Who knew patchwork could be soo very tiring 😀

1st attempt at a cushion with curved corners.















4 thoughts on “Making my first patchwork cushion for our community sewing project

      1. I have four cats ,each one has to see what I am doing…either they peek over my laptop or they peek through the sewing machine..That is the kittens,Shadow and Bitsy. Bindi will walk or lay on the laptop and nudges my hands to pet her.Her mother ,Candy will sit next to me while I crochet and play with the yarn.The dog’s nudge my hands to pet them or they try to get in my lap.They are not lap dogs.

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