Mindfulness based stress reduction wk 4 – the physical barometer

Refllecting on the halfway point in our course:

The physical barometer. This grows out of noticing where sensations are experienced in the body during unpleasant experiences. I’ve mapped mine out above. If you want to tune in to your own physical barometer, the abdomen can be a helpful place to start, investigating whether sensations in the abdomen change during challenging events.

Still struggling with the breathing spaces / responsive pauses. I get swept along by the moment and only afterwards think ahh a responsive pause would have been helpful there.

I am learning to love the bodyscan – who would have guessed. You spend the first two weeks of the course thinking this is boring / dull / irritating then when you move on you find yourself missing it.

Adherence to home practice can be too tight, as well as too loose. Humm! That was me I wanted so much to engage with the course I was pushing too hard.

My ability to find pleasure in day to day life has definitely increased.

Susie had to have the last word and says after her initial view that mindfulness sucks (as it involved turfing her off the duvet) she is also learning to love the bodyscan 🐾 πŸ’€


3 thoughts on “Mindfulness based stress reduction wk 4 – the physical barometer

    1. I have decided much to Susie’s disgust to move my mindfulness practice to a cat free zone in the house. as she has to pad for more than 10 mins to settle down for 5 mins before starting all over again. Moving practice just encourages Twiglet (black cat) to regard me as target practice because she wants to be picked up… Who says cats aren’t demanding X TTS πŸ˜€

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