Love / Hate Challenge

This blog recently received its first nomination/ award/ challenge ever! It’s call the Love/ Hate Challenge and I was nominated by The Barefoot Budget. Thanks for the nomination, I think! The Love/ Hate challenge is quite simple really, you just name 10 things love and 10 things you hate, then nominate other bloggers. Mine is a snapshot and reflects what is going on for me at the moment…

10 things I love:

  1. Museums🗿🏤
  2. A cup of tea, especially decaffeinated Earl Grey ☕️
  3. Yoga👣
  4. A shower – I need this and a tea to get me going in the morning 🚿
  5. Radio 4📻
  6. Capturing the beautiful in an iPhone picture, see above.
  7. Easter🎉
  8. My support team. 🐾
  9. Stationery 📚✏️✒️📎📚
  10. Expressing myself, including blogging 😀 📝

10 things I hate:

  1. Mornings ⏰ However the pain is eased by a cup of tea and a shower ☕️ 🚿
  2. Christmas🎅 in particular the media hype, the unrealistic expectations 👪 and having to send a ridiculous number of Christmas cards.🎄
  3. iOS updates📱they eat your storage space and sometimes they kill your iPhone / iPad on which your whole life depends…
  4. Celery. I’ve tried, I don’t like the smell, taste or the texture 👅 The only good thing about it is the low calorie content.
  5. Not being heard. 😡
  6. People who don’t stop talking, see no.5. 🙉
  7. Aligning photos in my WordPress post 📐I’ve given up today and gone with emojis.
  8. People who steal your pens, especially doctors, never trust a doctor with your pen. 😷
  9. People who think rules are for other people. There’s a long list including using your mobile while driving, discussing your social life, in detail in the library (we’re back to 6 again!)…💣
  10. Eurovision Song Contest, what is that about? 👯💃👯💃

I won’t be offended if this is not for you but I need to nominate some bloggers to take up the challenge:


Bluefish Way


babyjill7…Marilyn Griffin

Janey B



The Book Venom





19 thoughts on “Love / Hate Challenge

  1. Hate #7. I’m using a laptop with Windows 7 which hasn’t got emojis.
    It’s best with images in Add New Post to start a new line and centre the image in the Media Library. Text and images in the same line never seems to work any sense, but caption an image does.
    I may use the cats for this type of post in the future. Thanks for the offer TTS, it’s not for me to do personally as I am very shy 😉 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for the info on alignment, I’m a bit perfectionist so I like my post to look nice and tidy which takes so long… I’m also on Win 7 on the laptop.
      No worries if it’s not for you, I could start one for you 😀
      Loves: Amazingzon, pretty paper, cushions, parties, WordPress, all your lovely followers, hats …
      Hates: stairs, tripping over things, call centres, laptop malfunctions, Facebook…people who call themselves TTS when they are clearly neither called Tom nor are they a mollusc, people who invite their “friends” to waste their lives writing ridiculous posts x
      Sure S&S can come up with much better lists! 😀 TTS

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  2. Hi Chris, thank you for nominating me. I shall take part when I can – About to publish my book. I love Christmas – I decorate my whole flat out, even the toilet. It’s awesome. And I love the art of talking too. Do do yoga, but a few exercises almost every morning to strengthen my Fibro areas.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I may change the hate part or get around it in a quirky way – We will see. I like to take part in stuff and never done this before. I am working on reformatting my book for print in the next couple of days and starting my book blog tour. If you are interested in accommodating me on your blog as part of the tour, let me know. You are in the book, after all x

        Liked by 1 person

      1. That should have ended you compound the dent to your self esteem by not understanding the answer when your offspring enlighten you 😀
        I’m lucky my other half is quite tech savvy so I try him first, then I do a Google search (but I don’t always understand those answers either), then the “help” menu… TTS

        Liked by 1 person

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