Be curious

Tomorrow is my first day back at Uni, starting again in Year 2 of an adult nursing degree.

Someone asked me last week “What are you excited about going back?”

“Err nothing- just angry, grumpy and irritated”.
(Which means I’m getting anxious and I don’t do uncertainty very well.)

So apologies if I haven’t been interacting for a while but I haven’t been very good company.

On reporting this to someone who knows me pretty well she said how about being curious tomorrow. Yess! I can definitely do curious.

I know tomorrow will be fine nothing bad is going to happen and yes I’m going to be curious…


9 thoughts on “Be curious

  1. You are doing great, and you will be amazing as always. There is no age limit on a party. The only limits we have in life, are those we put upon ourselves, so yeah! Treat it like a party and you will have an extremely fun time.


  2. Hi Chris, I have nominated you f or a 3 Day Quote Challenge. I know you nominated me for a challenge a while ago, and I took a look at it, but haven’t had chance to do anything with it and now how a ton of other stuff mounting up. Thanks for thinking of me though.


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