Feeding my curiosity, love of learning and interacting positively with the world.

There is a theme which is broadly “5 ways to well-being” developed by the New Economics Forum:

  • Connect
  • Be Active
  • Take notice
  • Learn
  • Give

I have three cats, a dog, two children and one husband.

Significant others: Tom (deceased) was our giant African land snail and was interred in a simple ceremony under a rosemary bush, rosemary for remembrance, after a full and active life. My much loved cat Jack (deceased) has had a little of his ash incorporated into a paperweight which meant he was able to come on retreat with me last year.

It is my intention to return to university this autumn and re-join my adult nursing degree course. I describe myself as a lapsed scientist, which I find a really good fit with nursing (my first degree was in biology and education).

Befriending my sewing machine (after about 30 years) has led me into make lovely things for my own amusement, presents for friends and a community sewing project which in turn led me into buying specialist sewing feet for my old Singer 377 machine, I’ve now spent more on the feet than the machine cost! there are some weird and wonderful attachments in my box of goodies so all that remains is to hunt down instructions and get experimenting.


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