Ipplepen school fete – village life

Marvelous afternoon in the sunshine. Great to see the local dad’s pitching in with sumo wrestling and hooking ducks. We were there to support the Messy Church stall and to make sure the vicar is seen at community events – normally I excuse myself from this sort of excitement but the small furry animals were a big draw (see below). The vicar was there to judge the “small fluffy animals” everyone won a prize e.g. spikiest reptile, most active bunny 😀 Charlie would have liked to help with the judging but he would have been more one mouthful or two, rather than a more subtle appreciation. Nibbles the rabbit had the most exuberant personality and was busy trashing his bed – turns out he was a boy… who would have guessed!

"Someone I love... Art on a cracker"

Craft with Messy Church “Someone I love… Art on a cracker”. I’m very proud of the resemblance given the limitations of the materials available…

Hook a duck

Hook a duck

Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestling


Messy church craft – making a volcano


Setting up

















Pair of guinea pigs

Pair of baby guinea pigs

Cute hamster

Cute hamster

Bearded dragon

Bearded dragon



Nibbles the house rabbit


The confusion over mindfulness

I found this really helpful and eloquently put … Thank you mindbodydialogue 😀


A friend of mine posted an article on Facebook recently and it motivated me to break my blogging silence. I am rather ashamed I have not written since January, but if any topic was to get me back in to blogging gear, it would be one that talks about mindfulness and therapy.

The article appeared last week’s on the Independent newspaper website, and speaks to the setting-up of mindfulness as the ‘all things to all men’ therapy of choice. I agree with so many things in the article: our health service is NOT addressing mental health sufficiently, and mindfulness is not going to cure all those ills. And, there IS a danger in mindfulness being used as a ‘plaster approach’ to mental health – a bit like the criticism that can be levelled at Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (thank you to another Facebook friend who posted this article by Oliver…

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#TOTW from 27-03-15 ‘Listen to Kate Granger talk about Compassionate Care and how she started the #hellomynameis campaign

Kate Granger inspirational lady!


Happy British Summer time!

I’m on nights from tonight, so this is very short and sweet!

I wanted to return to my roots and give you all another chance to see this tweet relating to Kate Granger and how she happened to start the #hellomynameis campaign:

Listen to talk about and how she started the campaign

It’s just over 30 minutes long, but well worth your time to watch. It’s certainly more informative and interesting than some of the things on the telebox that are 30 minutes long!


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