Love / Hate Challenge

This blog recently received its first nomination/ award/ challenge ever! It’s call the Love/ Hate Challenge and I was nominated by The Barefoot Budget. Thanks for the nomination, I think! The Love/ Hate challenge is quite simple really, you just name 10 things love and 10 things you hate, then nominate other bloggers. Mine is a snapshot and reflects what is going on for me at the moment…

10 things I love:

  1. Museums🗿🏤
  2. A cup of tea, especially decaffeinated Earl Grey ☕️
  3. Yoga👣
  4. A shower – I need this and a tea to get me going in the morning 🚿
  5. Radio 4📻
  6. Capturing the beautiful in an iPhone picture, see above.
  7. Easter🎉
  8. My support team. 🐾
  9. Stationery 📚✏️✒️📎📚
  10. Expressing myself, including blogging 😀 📝

10 things I hate:

  1. Mornings ⏰ However the pain is eased by a cup of tea and a shower ☕️ 🚿
  2. Christmas🎅 in particular the media hype, the unrealistic expectations 👪 and having to send a ridiculous number of Christmas cards.🎄
  3. iOS updates📱they eat your storage space and sometimes they kill your iPhone / iPad on which your whole life depends…
  4. Celery. I’ve tried, I don’t like the smell, taste or the texture 👅 The only good thing about it is the low calorie content.
  5. Not being heard. 😡
  6. People who don’t stop talking, see no.5. 🙉
  7. Aligning photos in my WordPress post 📐I’ve given up today and gone with emojis.
  8. People who steal your pens, especially doctors, never trust a doctor with your pen. 😷
  9. People who think rules are for other people. There’s a long list including using your mobile while driving, discussing your social life, in detail in the library (we’re back to 6 again!)…💣
  10. Eurovision Song Contest, what is that about? 👯💃👯💃

I won’t be offended if this is not for you but I need to nominate some bloggers to take up the challenge:


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