Be curious

Tomorrow is my first day back at Uni, starting again in Year 2 of an adult nursing degree.

Someone asked me last week “What are you excited about going back?”

“Err nothing- just angry, grumpy and irritated”.
(Which means I’m getting anxious and I don’t do uncertainty very well.)

So apologies if I haven’t been interacting for a while but I haven’t been very good company.

On reporting this to someone who knows me pretty well she said how about being curious tomorrow. Yess! I can definitely do curious.

I know tomorrow will be fine nothing bad is going to happen and yes I’m going to be curious…


Start of a new week

Who would have thought that looking forward to a session on learning to blog could lift your mood so much, even when that means being up at 7am on a Monday morning.

Initially skeptical, I’ve had some really positive experiences engaging with the Devon Recovery Learning Community opportunities. “Blogging as a means of recovery” has been great, we are on week 3 of 4. Working with a tutor with lived experience of long-term health conditions is greatĀ and the enthusiasm is really infectious.

Got a Gravatar now – created him on the train this morning!


Loads to learn and some of it putting me on the edge of my comfort zone, e.g. learning to add links. Hoping to publish something today rather thanĀ saving to drafts…